Hemingway’s Synthetic Tapered Peacock Quills are made from a very thin self-adhesive flexible vinyl based material. Available in 10 colors each strip is tapered from a incredibly fne 0.2mm up to 2.2mm and 100mm in length which will basically tie the body of any pattern. From the smallest patterns in the #20’s and even smaller to your largest patterns. They utilize an amazingly detailed gradient print which gives each quill one dark edge and one light edge you can’t even get that from a natural
quill. These are a great match for almost any pattern from midges, buzzers, and nymphs to your favorite dry fly pattern these quills won’t crack, break, or split leaving you with a failing fy at the worst possible time. No pre-treatment needed our quills will change your entire view on the hassle of using quill bodies!

Also available on a clear foil backing which will enable you to partially see through these quills to the under body giving your flies that amazingly sought after translucent 3D effect.

Yellow Olive
Light Orange