In the early 1970's, Metz revolutionized the fly tying world by introducing the first genetically engineered hackle to the fly fishing industry. They were the first to produce true "dry fly quality" hackle in a complete range of colors and sizes. A product that enabled fly tyers everywhere to imitate the natural insects more precisely than ever before. Long before artificial floatants became the norm, Metz hackles were floating dries through the fastest of riffles.

Metz is STILL the Name by which all other hackles are measured!

Stiff barbs, web-free hackles, flexible stems and a complete range of sizes in deep, natural, consistent colors are still the benchmark associated with the Metz trademark. No other company can reproduce consistently the colors offered by Metz.

Quality has always been synonymous with Metz, derived from strict genetic selection and the most consistent grading criteria in the market. The highest quality flies commercially available today are 100% tied with Metz hackle.


These are the top saddles of the industry for mid sized dry flies, mostly for hooks #8-12. First grade will offer huge amount of long saddle feathers. Hackles are really long and narrow, approximately 70% of the hackle lenght is usable before they get webby. From every feathers you will tie multiple dry flies, feather length approx. 15-25cm. 

Metz Products